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Why We Exist

The functioning of our society depends heavily on sharing and processing information with confidence. The ability of organisations to protect their own data and that of their customers is essential for maintaining and increasing this confidence. Having this confidence enables customers or vendors to provide online or offline their private or commercially classified data to these organisations. However, the information shared with the public by organisations about their information security posture or their products is, most likely unintentionally, not always clear, transparent or complete, if not entirely absent. Consequently, these customers or other stakeholders, like vendors or insurers, cannot always make an informed decision as to (further) engage with the organisation or the use of their services or products. Also, these stakeholders have no universal mean to compare organisations or their services on the basis of information security so that they can choose the right service provider or service aligned with their security risk appetite.

Our Goal

The Independent Information Security rating Institute (IISRI®) has been founded to provide the public with an independent opinion about the information security posture of organisations and their services and as such to contribute to a more transparent and safer society. IISRI® strongly believes that this transparency about information security of organisations through public visibility of security ratings will encourage organisations and governments to constantly improve their security posture and their safeguarding of our valuable data.

Who We Are

IISRI® is the world’s leading provider of public information security ratings on profit and non-profit organisations, including governments, and their services. Our global team consists of analysts, managers, regional and sector experts from the industry and researchers from the university. Our ratings aim at providing transparency around information security so that our independent opinion increases trust between market participants driving economic growth.

What We Do

We monitor new security technologies, threats and trends that effect our society. Our expertteam assess information security of governments, organisations, sectors, services and products. We form our information security opinions in the form of ratings on the basis of sector information, regional information and information that is published for the public by or provided to us by the assessed organisations.


Although IISRI® might cooperate with the assessed organisations during the assessments, IISRI® does not work for or receive any compensation from the assessed organisations. IISRI® has as such no commitment or obligation to the assessed organisation on the final opinion and when publishing the rating and rating reports. While being independent we act according to code of professional conduct and ethics and will never publish sensitive information of organisations. All the consultants working for IISRI® have been screened to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between the consultants and the assessed organisations.

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