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EXTERNAL Ratings Table

The following organisations and/or services have been granted an external rating according to the IISRI rating scale. If you are interested in a detailed report with underpinning analysis please click on the relevant link below. While still transparent, the reports of the external assessments are sanitized to protect the assessed organisation and their customers. Any identified significant risks have been communicated in advance to the assessed organisation.

If you are unfamiliar with the rating scale here you can check the external rating scale

Organization/Service Sector Granted Rating Report Valid Till
AWS Cloud Services A- Go to report 2017-12-28
Acer eDC    FREE Cloud Services B Go to report 2018-01-21
Tencent Cloud Cloud Services BB+ Go to report 2018-03-01
Fujitsu Cloud Cloud Services BBB Go to report 2018-01-28
Azure Cloud Services A Go to report 2018-01-10
Alibaba Cloud Cloud Services BB+ Go to report 2018-02-06
QingCloud Cloud Services CCC Go to report 2017-12-15
UCloud Cloud Services B Go to report 2018-02-06

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