Qing Cloud promises Privacy

The best assurance IISRI® could find on privacy is that QingCloud states that they “promise” to keep tenant’s data confidential and not to disclose tenant’s data to third parties. It is possible that in China a promise has a different meaning and provides more assurance than in Western countries, but we would not bet our privacy on it. There are also other statements made by QingCloud that indicate that they may not respect tenants' rights. It seems that QingCloud has other priorities than ensuring privacy and intellectual property rights of tenants' information.

Qing Cloud Information Security Rating Report - External Assessment

In the external rating report, you will find IISRI®'s opinion on how the cloud provider ensures the Privacy and Intellectual property rights of tenants. IISRI® discusses and analyses further if and how the cloud provider uses and provides encryption to protect the data of their tenants. As for physical security IISRI® considers different environmental risks, like earthquakes and floods, especially since in most cases cloud providers disclaim any kind of liability for force majeure events. IISRI® will also then elaborate on the cloud provider’s capability to cope with outages and to provide their tenant's different types of failover options within and outside their location. In this report, you will also find IISRI® ’s analysis of human resource security and security compliance with the standards of the cloud provider. IISRI® forms also an opinion about the cloud provider’s capability to manage vulnerabilities and security incidents. The report also depicts IISRI® ’s analysis of the cloud provider’s service levels to ensure the appropriate level of security to their tenants and otherwise compensations according to best practices. This and many other security aspects are discussed in this report. 

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