IISRI® is a well-recognized partner in providing assurance and attestation services according to different international standards. These include ISO27001 certifications, PCI DSS Report on Compliance, and AICPA’s SOC 2 assurance report (ISAE 3402/SSAE 16), but also for privacy according to for example ISO27701. All attestations from IISRI® also come with an internal IISRI® rating that can be published.

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The price depends on the scope of the assessment. 

Comparing IISRI® Assurance statements to other certifications ​

Like IISRI® Assurance statements, security certifications, such as ISO27001 certifications or SOC 2 assurance reports, are based on assessments by independent and qualified auditors.
They both provide an attestation of your organization’s security posture and serve the
purpose of giving your customers confidence in your capability to protect their data.
​The differences lie in the depth and turn-around time of the audit, recognition, and pricing.

How much will a certification cost?

The price depends on the complexity of the organisation, service or product that is
submitted to the review. As an indication, for a typical small SaaS cloud service provider an ISO27001 certification costs with IISRI about 9500 USD.