Assurance Statements building trust for newcomers

IISRI® offers a valuable Security Assurance Statement, providing an assessment of an organisation's security posture. While typically aligned with ISO 27001, it can also be tailored to other security standards. This statement not only includes an overall security rating but also highlights the outcomes of the organization's internal security assessment. Many of our clients have found the IISRI® Assurance Statement to be a beneficial first step in their certification journey. Even for companies with robust global security controls in place, it serves as a strategic starting point. It paves the way for future, more comprehensive international certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and SOC2 type 2. Considered complementary to these prestigious certifications, the IISRI® Assurance Statement offers a pragmatic approach for organisations looking to enhance their security posture gradually. It provides a solid foundation and instills confidence as they progress towards broader certification objectives.